A decade of photography

Having worked on my portfolio since Black Friday, I’m proud to say that I had a lot of fun rediscovering some of my forgotten photos of the yesteryears.

I am especially proud of some of the shots produced on my month long trip to Brazil with friends. It was my first photographic experience with a competent camera that had manual controls, and perhaps the most memorable one I will ever have.

Over the years I have learned a lot, seen a lot, travelled a lot, and snapped my heart away. Curating my best photographs brought a lot of joy and memories. I highly recommend everyone to do it once a while, perhaps every decade like I plan to do. Go through all of your best photographs and let it cultivate. Try some of the new post processing techniques that you have learned since. Remind yourself how far you have come.

Here’s to hoping a great 2015! Happy New Year!