Iris & Vincent’s Elopement

The COVID-19 Pandemic changed Iris and Vincent’s plans to have an large wedding with guests from overseas. Instead, the couple opted for an elopement shoot in the mountains. We made stops at the Lake Minnewanka and the Kananaskis Lakes and caught the amazing golden hour in the late afternoon.

Lake Minnewanka is typically overflowed with tourists as it shares the highway exit with Banff. COVID-19 presented us with an unique opportunity to walkabout freely without anyone else in view blocking gorgeous angles of the lake and the mountains around us.

Kananaskis Lakes are a local secret of sorts. It’s a bit further south from Banff, Canmore and Calgary. It’s usually not too busy but we found it deserted. We were left alone with one of the most scenic backgrounds in Alberta. It was an unforgettable experience.